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  1. TrueHoop TV Live

    Henry Abbott

    Tom Haberstroh, Ethan Sherwood Strauss and Henry Abbott to discussed Heat at Nets, Spurs at Lakers and more. TrueHoop TV Live happened Friday at 2p ET. You can watch the rebroadcast, or on the Spreecast website....

    Blog | November 01, 2013
  2. TrueHoop TV: Who rookies should watch

    Henry Abbott

    On Friday, we'll get to see David Thorpe's annual column where he recommends the veterans that certain rookies should be watching. On TrueHoop TV, Thorpe shares a few of the matchups and explains why, for instance, Damian Lillard should be firing up ...

    Blog | April 11, 2013
  3. Wednesday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Dirk Nowitzki to Grantland's Zach Lowe: "I'm such a dork, still. This is my 15th year and I still sit, when my wife's asleep, I sit there and watch League Pass. I do it from sometimes 9 p.m. till 12:30 a.m., until the West Coast games are over. I was...

    Blog | February 13, 2013
  4. TrueHoop TV: Thorpe on Laker offense

    Henry Abbott

    After identifying a Minnesota rookie who's a surprising joy to watch, David Thorpe explains why he likes a lot of the Lakers players, and Mike D'Antoni's offense, but not the two together....

    Blog | November 14, 2012
  5. Tuesday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Keyon Dooling is speaking up about the fact that he was molested in his youth. A very powerful story and must-watch. As many as one in six men are rape victims in their youth, according to experts. Katie Couric asked Dooling if other NBA players had ...

    Blog | November 13, 2012
  6. First Cup: Wednesday

    Henry Abbott

    Mike Wells of The Indianapolis Star: Lee Eddins had hoped he would be able to watch his idol, center Roy Hibbert, play in person when the Indiana Pacers visit Sacramento, Calif., for a game against the Kings in late November. But Lee, 12, is not expe...

    Blog | August 08, 2012
  7. Phantom USA vs. Argentina highlights

    Henry Abbott

    The phantom is a very expensive kind of camera (favorite comment: "this camera is better than my eyes") that takes this high-resolution slow-motion videos. I could watch it all day. Some favorite moments include the Russell Westbrook and Andre Ig...

    Blog | July 23, 2012
  8. First Cup: Thursday

    Henry Abbott

    Greg Cote of The Miami Herald: The Celtics won't recover from this, from losing this way, on a night when they dominated for so long and quieted Miami's packed home arena for so long, and then could only watch as the Heat relentlessly took away what ...

    Blog | May 31, 2012
  9. Lakers move the ball to great effect

    Henry Abbott

    Raptors coach Dwane Casey says of Kobe Bryant: "In the flow of the game, he's a willing passer. But in crunch time, he is looking to get his. He's not looking to pass, and I tell my team that." Watch Ty Lawson in the clip above, on the play that e...

    Blog | May 07, 2012
  10. Watch that playing time

    Henry Abbott

    Back in January, I dug deep into the issue of minutes. The key point is that it has been seven years -- before changes in refereeing inspired intense, frenetic, ball-side loading helping defenses -- since any star playing huge minutes has won a title...

    Blog | April 11, 2012
  11. Respect the Grizzlies

    Henry Abbott

    I wanted to watch the NCAA title game. I really did. And every now and again I clicked over to peek in. But earlier in the evening I settled into a steady diet of Grizzlies at Thunder, and it was nearly impossible to tear away. Two teams I love to wa...

    Blog | April 03, 2012
  12. End flopping instantly

    Henry Abbott

    People have been talking about fixing flopping in the NBA for much of my adult life, and it generally goes like this: Somebody ought to watch that video, after the game and then punish the heck out of those floppers. There's a certain logic to thi...

    Blog | March 21, 2012
  13. What happened to picks?

    Henry Abbott

    The best thing to notice in those highlights, to me, is Joakim Noah's reaction after Luol Deng's game-winning layup. That's a man who loves the game. But watch again, and note the first play in the highlight package. There's Deng working a left si...

    Blog | January 04, 2012
  14. Mark Cuban joins Warren Buffett

    Henry Abbott

    As a billionaire who does not think people in his income category should have all the tax benefits they currently enjoy. The Mavericks owner is also clear that capital gains should be taxed as regular income. It's worth clicking the link to watch the...

    Blog | August 30, 2011
  15. First Cup: Monday

    Henry Abbott

    Louise Watt of The Associated Press: "Yao Ming's expected retirement could diminish the NBA's once-burgeoning popularity in China, with many fans saying they would no longer watch games. 'What's the point of watching NBA now?' asked an online user c...

    Blog | July 11, 2011
  16. Dirk Nowitzki on fleeing the Finals

    Henry Abbott

    Cathrin Gilbert of the German magazine Spiegel has done a fascinating interview with Dirk Nowitzki, where he says things like he can't fathom why people with as much money as him would clutter up their lives hawking watches and the like. He also talk...

    Blog | July 05, 2011