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  1. Bellator's new deal with MTV2 has possibilities

    Jake Rossen

    There is no eclipsing the UFC brand. No chance at all. Too much brand power, too much broadcast content, too many top fighters and too much of a lead on international expansion. Most attempts to compete will wind up looking like the XFL. At least tha...

    Blog | Conversation | December 21, 2010
  2. Is Georges St. Pierre bigger than Wayne Gretzky?

    Jake Rossen

    Speaking to The Canadian Press in advance of Saturday's UFC 124 event, Dana White claimed that welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre was a bigger star worldwide than hockey great Wayne Gretzky. "This dude [St. Pierre] is a billion times more f...

    Blog | Conversation | December 06, 2010
  3. Will UFC's new divisions create class struggles?

    Jake Rossen

    Not that anyone seemed too worried, but there must be some relief in hearing UFC U.K. head Marshall Zelaznik reaffirm that the promotion's two new weight classes aren't the start of the epidemic that has plagued boxing: fracturing a simple sport into...

    Blog | Conversation | November 30, 2010
  4. Jon Fitch as an island

    Jake Rossen

    Has the UFC ever employed anyone as passive-aggressively contentious as Jon Fitch? He was reportedly fired and rehired in a 24-hour period following hang-ups over video-game likeness rights in 2008; he refuses to fight teammate Josh Koscheck; he cons...

    Blog | Conversation | November 29, 2010
  5. Randy Couture to the movies

    Jake Rossen

    Randy Couture is no Sly Stallone -- may not, in fact, be even Frank Stallone. But receiving Sly's blessing in "The Expendables" means he may carve out a somewhat unlikely career in film. Couture told a Las Vegas radio station last week that he had ...

    Blog | Conversation | November 29, 2010
  6. Thanksgiving stuffing

    Jake Rossen

    Carbsgiving is upon us, and you know what a major holiday means for writers on deadline: labored "theme" pieces that roll out like defective Toyotas. Who am I to break tradition? In the spirit of the overeating season, 10 things I've gotten more tha...

    Blog | Conversation | November 25, 2010
  7. Solving stalling in five easy steps

    Jake Rossen

    Boring is a part of sports. No way around it. Basketball is constantly being interrupted by referees. Boxers can put on their running shoes. Baseball -- well, baseball was obviously engineered to be boring. It's the cruelest joke ever perpetuated on ...

    Blog | Conversation | November 23, 2010
  8. Ricco Rodriguez faking weight

    Jake Rossen

    By the time you read this, Ricco Rodriguez will either be making his way to a ring in Tel Aviv, Israel, or coming out of it -- one day after missing the 205-pound weight cap by 10 pounds. Rodriguez has been one of the more put-upon athletes in the s...

    Blog | Conversation | November 09, 2010
  9. Booking Herschel Walker

    Jake Rossen

    So novelty attraction Herschel Walker is fighting unknown, unheralded Scott Carson on Dec. 4. No one knows what Carson offers, least of all Carson -- he's recorded one fight in the past decade. That invites reactions ranging from "Who cares?" to "sou...

    Blog | Conversation | November 07, 2010
  10. Randy Couture's fluctuating fate

    Jake Rossen

    Watch two video clips featuring Randy Couture from the past week and you'll get two different perspectives. While interviewing on "MMA Live," the 47-year-old Couture was noncommittal about his future in fighting, saying only that "I don't see myself ...

    Blog | Conversation | November 03, 2010
  11. UFC back to Brazil?

    Jake Rossen

    A report by Gracie Magazine indicates the UFC might finally be returning to Brazil, in November 2011 -- a full 13 years after its first and only trip there, under the direction of previous owners SEG. Although visiting the birthplace of modern MMA an...

    Blog | Conversation | November 02, 2010
  12. Jon Fitch fighting a different battle

    Jake Rossen

    Percentage-wise, Jon Fitch has had one of the most storied and accomplished careers of any UFC fighter. A record of 13-1 in the promotion is an incredible achievement. If 12-0 Anderson Silva's next two fights involve Vitor Belfort and Georges St. Pie...

    Blog | Conversation | November 02, 2010
  13. UFC picking political sides

    Jake Rossen

    Closing in on November elections, Senate majority leader Harry Reid appealed to the bloodthirsty demo last week, casting Dana White, Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture as campaign supporters. Old news, I know. But the reactions have been enlightening. ...

    Blog | Conversation | October 27, 2010
  14. UFC eyes 2011 TV deals

    Jake Rossen

    Broadcasting & Cable's Ben Grossman somehow managed to get reclusive UFC president Dana White to offer quotes for a brief Q&A following Saturday's heavily publicized dethroning of Brock Lesnar. Obviously, Grossman was most interested in White's plan...

    Blog | Conversation | October 26, 2010
  15. MMA grudge matches: The real thing

    Jake Rossen

    After being detained by a police officer in Missouri, ex-NFL player Rich Stephens is trying to arrange an MMA fight with the cop -- payback, he says, for the officer treating him harshly during a traffic stop and impounding his car for "no good reaso...

    Blog | Conversation | October 19, 2010
  16. Jake Shields and Georges St. Pierre's ending welterweight reign

    Jake Rossen

    If Jake Shields beats Martin Kampmann at UFC 121 on Oct. 23, Dana White probably will match him against the winner of Georges St. Pierre-Josh Koscheck. This according to White during a Tuesday news conference for the Dec. 11 UFC 124 title fight. Sma...

    Blog | Conversation | October 13, 2010