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  2. Weird Web: Parkour, dunks & censored

    Playbook Visuals

    Freerunning in Switzerland courtesy of Red Bull? Yep. Crazy dunks by Daniel Hyde from Team Flight Brothers? Got that, too. But what's the third item included in the latest "Weird Web Stories" from SportsNation? You'll have to see to find out (but it ...

    Blog | September 20, 2012
  3. Weird Web: RG3, Richardson play

    Playbook Visuals

    Headlining the latest "Weird Web Stories" from SportsNation: A condensed replay of that early September H-O-R-S-E game between the No. 2 and No. 3 NFL draft picks, Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson, courtesy of Ballislife. But that's not all. W...

    Blog | September 18, 2012
  4. Weird Web: Frisbee tricks & Boston divin'

    Playbook Visuals

    Frisbee tricksters The Davies Crew ply their trade on the latest edition of SportsNation's "Weird Web Stories." But that's not all, as we take another look at Red Bull's Boston cliff-diving adventure, plus see a big play courtesy of The Basketball Di...

    Blog | September 14, 2012
  5. Weird Web: Dude Perfect highlights, dunks

    Playbook Visuals

    Dude Perfect is back, taking to the football field for some impressive trick shots. But that's not all on the latest edition of SportsNation's "Weird Web Stories," as Ballislife brings us some sweet dunks, and a North Carolina State volleyball player...

    Blog | September 13, 2012
  6. Weird Web: Dog Parkour & Ultimate style

    Playbook Visuals

    Dogs ... doing Parkour? Yep. Thanks to, that's what we see in the latest edition of SportsNation's Weird Web Stories. But let's not forget a great highlight from our friend Brodie Smith and NGN Ultimate, plus, well, why not watch the O...

    Blog | September 11, 2012
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  8. Weird Web: Brandon Jennings balling

    Playbook Visuals

    Brandon Jennings is balling, but that footage -- from his "Under the Armour" series -- isn't the only thing featured on SportsNation's latest "Weird Web Stories." There's also some Navy SEALS training done by the Northwestern football team, and a gri...

    Blog | August 22, 2012
  9. Weird Web: Kicker trick shots, lax blooper

    Playbook Visuals

    In the latest edition of SportsNation's "Weird Web Stories," a University of Pittsburgh kicker -- Kevin Harper -- offers some insane trick shots. Plus, Red Bull mountain biking takes to the amazing terrain of Utah, while something unexpected happens ...

    Blog | August 15, 2012
  10. Weird Web: Ice cream, mascots & more

    Playbook Visuals

    Weird ... or delicious? This edition of "Weird Web Stories" is a bit of both, as the University of Kentucky football team used an ice cream truck as transportation, while the official YouTube channel of Michigan State's Sparty offered a mascot music ...

    Blog | August 14, 2012
  11. Weird Web: Dunks, snowkiting, more dunks

    Playbook Visuals

    Snowkiting in Norway? That's wild enough. But add to it some ridiculous dunks from Ballislife, and you've got yourself a sweet edition of Weird Web Stories....

    Blog | August 08, 2012
  12. Weird Web: Street surfing, parkour, more

    Playbook Visuals

    Impromptu street surfing, Red Bull freestyle soccer and a parkour fail from highlight Monday's edition of Weird Web Stories....

    Blog | August 06, 2012
  13. Watch OL Trent Williams swing a golf club

    Patrick Dorsey

    See that guy? Of course you do. He's huge -- which he must be if to play offensive tackle for Washington in the NFL. Want to see Trent Williams swing a golf club? We did. And luckily, SportsNation's Weird Web Stories hooked us up Wednesday. It'...

    Blog | May 23, 2012
  14. Morning Look: A jump-roping ... car?

    Patrick Dorsey

    It's throwback time for Morning Look, courtesy of SportsNation's Weird Web Stories. And seriously, if you haven't seen it -- or even if you have -- you've gotta watch this crazy clip that shows exactly what the headline says it does. Oh yeah, and...

    Blog | May 22, 2012
  15. Stilts race fail leads Weird Web Stories

    Playbook Visuals

    Kite cliff jumping? Cool. Fixed-gear bike tricks? Also cool. Big trouble in a stilts race? Not cool for the guy on the wrong end of it -- but certainly worthy of joining the other two items, in SportsNation's latest edition of Weird Web Stories....

    Blog | May 09, 2012
  16. Rally car wrecks but keeps rolling

    Playbook Visuals

    So you're in Canada. And you're driving. And it's snowy. You pull over, right? Not in a rally car race. There, you smash into a telephone pole ... and keep racing ... and finish second. That, plus some crazy Philippines drifting from Red Bull and a n...

    Blog | May 08, 2012
  17. It's the world's fastest toilet.

    Playbook Visuals

    Just ... watch. Oh, and a guy eats a cheeseburger while skydiving. (Courtesy of SportsNation and Weird Web Stories.)...

    Blog | May 04, 2012
  18. John Smoltz drives go-kart, UK gets cake

    Playbook Visuals

    In the latest edition of "SportsNation's" Weird Web Stories, former pitcher John Smoltz drives a go-kart and ... you'll just have to see. Also, John Calipari and the University of Kentucky get a championship-trophy cake from a regular Kentucky Cake B...

    Blog | May 03, 2012