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  1. CSF submits comments

    Voices concerns that recreational boating and angling interests not being considered

    Story | Conversation | February 12, 2010
  2. Point and shoot

    Sam Eifling

    Bush adviser: Obama will support 10-year wildlife policy plan incubated under Bush

    Story | Conversation | January 17, 2009
  3. Conservation confab

    Dave Johnson

    White House conference seeks advice from conservation experts: hunters

    Story | Conversation | October 07, 2008
  4. Remarks by Vice President Dick Cheney

    Transcripts from the White House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy

    Story | Conversation | October 07, 2008
  5. Would Roosevelt be proud of the White House Conference?

    The White House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy

    Story | Conversation | September 11, 2008
  6. WBT Champ at the White House

    Ken Duke

    WBT Champ at the White House

    Story | Conversation | March 27, 2008
  7. Remarks by the president in photo opportunity with Jones and Wong...

    Office of the Press Secretary

    Jones and Wong welcomed to the White House to meet President Bush

    Story | Conversation | March 25, 2008
  8. WBT Champ Judy Wong to meet President Bush

    Judy Wong was surprised when a recent caller identified himself as the deputy director in the office of public liaison for the White House and invited her to meet President George W. Bush. "They got wind of it somehow that I had won the Women's Bass...

    Story | Conversation | March 19, 2008
  9. Lawmakers hear of White House interference in release of globa...

    H. Josef Hebert

    Lawmakers hear of White House interference in release of global warming science

    Story | Conversation | January 30, 2007
  10. White House chuckles over Cheney accident

    Nedra Pickler

    The White House has decided that the best way to deal with Vice President Dick Cheney's shooting accident is to joke about it.

    Story | Conversation | February 14, 2006
  11. White House wants to sell federal forestland

    James W. Brosnan

    The Bush administration is proposing to sell up to 307,000 acres of national forestland in 32 states to developers to subsidize schools in timber country. The U.S. Forest Service hopes to generate $800 million over five years from the sale of isolated

    Story | Conversation | February 10, 2006
  12. White to Scott: "You're crazy."'

    Sam Eifling

    TV producer Randy White talks about shooting on Ray Scott's lake

    Story | Conversation | January 17, 2008
  13. Rick Clunn still has the fishing bug

    Jerry McKinnis

    Just to refresh you a little bit, there have been some heavy-duty articles happening here on during CITGO Bassmaster Classic week. I've been trying to throw in some oh-by-the-way stuff by telling a few stories about some of the Bassmaster Classic competitors that I have been around recently. In fact, I've been zeroed in on the things I remember most about that particular get-together. You see, I sometimes get tired of the technical talk about these anglers and their equipment or their fishing styles. It's almost like they don't have anything but fishing going on in their lives, when in fact most of them are characters with great personalities and an incredible sense of humor. These are guys you might want to hang out with even if neither of you liked bass fishing. Well I don't have to say that the thing I remember most about my last get-together with Rick Clunn leans toward fishing, but you might find it interesting anyway. As a matter of fact, if you're like me, you find everything interesting when it comes to Rick Clunn. So here goes: Clunn and his family come to spend New Year's with me each year, and please don't think I'm name dropping here. It's just something we do, and I feel fortunate for it. This past New Year's Day, as you folks who live in the Mid-South know, was unseasonably warm. It didn't even feel like the holidays with the temperature around 65 degrees. The little boat I use to fish my pond had been in storage for two months. The aerator in the pond was shut off and basically the 8 acres had been closed, not to reopen until March 15. So I live about a quarter of a mile from north Arkansas' White River. One morning after breakfast we decided to walk/climb up the mountain and look down on the river. Some of the gang started walking through the woods and I hopped on my tractor and drove to the top. My thinking was that when we came back we wouldn't be as energetic and everyone would want a ride. Regardless of how you get there the trip up the mountain is always interesting, and when on top it's peaceful enough that you might want to sit there watching the fishermen below you all day long. Even though they are nothing but tiny specks. After about an hour of sitting up there, we were ready to load up and head back to the house. And, sure enough, everyone wanted to climb on the tractor and ride back with me. That is everyone but Clunn. He's already headed back through the woods, doesn't want to talk about a seat on the tractor and seems to be on some sort of mission. Going by tractor is five times longer than hiking, because you have to stay on the path. The extra distance and one small side trip put us back in the area of the house and the pond about 45 minutes later than what it took Clunn to get there. Now we are getting to the moment I will always remember. The road leading to the house first crosses the pond dyke. When I drive the tractor up on the dyke, I look down and there's Rick Clunn walking the pond bank, casting a spinnerbait as far as he can cast. There is arguably the best fisherman, ever, totally focused on catching a two-pound fish out of my little pond. I was frozen watching him because I thought that after all these years I was the only one who still went bananas over a fish striking your lure. But here is Rick Clunn, the best there ever was, feeling that same way. Now I've pulled right down to him and I've shut the tractor off and bam! He rears back on a fish. "Hey! You can't be catching any fish right now. It's New Year's Day. It's the middle of winter. These fish won't bite," I inform him "Sure they will," he answered. "I've already caught three or four." Then I noticed something else. Clunn hadn't stopped by the house and picked up one of my rods on the way to his little fishing excursion. He had his own rod and his own spinnerbait, which suggested to me he had this trip planned before he ever left his own house. Now I'm really impressed. I stood there and watched him catch four or five more very nice fish, and I once again thought, "Wow. Rick Clunn — the man who holds almost all of the Bassmaster Classic records — still has the fishing bug so bad that he just had to walk that pond and see if he could make those fish bite." This man should never cease to amaze any of us. We had a great New Year's visit and far too quick, the Clunns loaded up and headed back to Ava, Mo. Guess what I did just as soon as his vehicle was out of sight of my place though? I ran for my rod with a spinnerbait on it.

    Story | Conversation | December 29, 2006
  14. Wayward goat causing headaches in W.Va.

    Associated Press — July 4, 2006

    Mary Frances Sperow wishes her uninvited guest would stop peeking in her windows and go home.

    Story | Conversation | July 04, 2006