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  1. 00:39

    4.3 Steyn to Joyce, OUT. IRE

    Steyn to Joyce, OUT

    March 03, 2015
  2. 00:48

    3.6 Abbott to Porterfield, OUT. IRE

    Abbott to Porterfield, OUT

    March 03, 2015
  3. 00:30

    3.3 Abbott to Porterfield, FOUR. IRE

    Abbott to Porterfield, FOUR, pulled away, shouts of catch it , but it has flown wide of the diving Steyn at short fine leg

    March 03, 2015
  4. 00:34

    49.1 KJ O'Brien to Miller, SIX. SA

    KJ O'Brien to Miller, SIX, that's death wish. Gentle pace, half-volley. Miller gets under it and slogs it over midwicket for a six. Superb running catch in the crowd by a bloke in pink

    March 02, 2015
  5. 00:30

    2.1 Steyn to Stirling, FOUR. IRE

    Steyn to Stirling, FOUR, short of a length, outside off, gets some room as this moves away, and punched away past cover for four

    March 02, 2015
  6. 00:31

    2.2 Steyn to Stirling, FOUR. IRE

    Steyn to Stirling, FOUR, another similar boundary. Short of a length again, and this time he opens the face on the on-the-up drive to beat cover on the other side

    March 02, 2015
  7. 00:27

    48.3 Sorensen to Miller, FOUR. SA

    Sorensen to Miller, FOUR, oh you don't bowl that to Miller. Full without being a yorker and wide outside off. Drilled away to deep cover for four

    March 02, 2015
  8. 00:32

    49.4 KJ O'Brien to Rossouw, FOUR. SA

    KJ O'Brien to Ro ouw, FOUR

    March 02, 2015
  9. 00:32

    0.3 Steyn to Porterfield, FOUR. IRE

    Steyn to Porterfield, FOUR, wide length ball, shapes back in, but not enough to threaten him, and he has driven it on the up, between mid-off and cover. All along the ground

    March 02, 2015
  10. 00:31

    49.3 KJ O'Brien to Rossouw, SIX. SA

    KJ O'Brien to Ro ouw, SIX, there is the 400. O'Brien bowls full without bowling a yorker, and he has lofted this over midwicket to make South Africa the first team to post 400 in back-to-back ODIs

    March 02, 2015
  11. 01:44

    2.5 Steyn to Stirling, OUT. IRE

    Steyn to Stirling, OUT

    March 02, 2015
  12. 00:32

    48.6 Sorensen to Rossouw, 2 runs. SA

    Sorensen to Ro ouw, 2 runs

    March 02, 2015
  13. 01:20

    49.6 KJ O'Brien to Miller, FOUR. SA

    KJ O'Brien to Miller, FOUR

    March 02, 2015
  14. 00:29

    48.5 Sorensen to Rossouw, (no ball) FOUR. SA

    Sorensen to Ro ouw, (no ball) FOUR, high full to . That's clearly a no-ball. A beamer. and he has incredibly hit it over extra cover for four. Just a flat-bat over the fielder

    March 02, 2015
  15. 00:29

    40.3 KJ O'Brien to Amla, FOUR. SA

    KJ O'Brien to Amla, FOUR, full and wide, and he has crunched a square drive past the diving Stirling at backward point. Seems all too easy for Amla

    March 02, 2015
  16. 00:48

    38.4 KJ O'Brien to du Plessis, OUT. SA

    KJ O'Brien to du Ple is, OUT, full to bowled. At least one double has been taken out of the equation. He is making room, KOB stays full and straight, it dips on him to land halfway between the crease and the stumps. He has mi ed this altogether. KOB

    March 02, 2015